7 Ways To Manage Anxiety During The Holidays

Make sure your self-care techniques are in focus and accessible. It can be easy to forget we have the tools to get us through feelings of overwhelm when we are actually in overwhelm. Post-it notes with reminders to breathe, phone alarms with positive affirmations, or a gratitude journal on next to your bed can offer strong visual reminders that you have a care plan. Keep sense-soothing devices like fragrant candles, snuggly slippers, and your favorite tea nearby. Build up your Netflix queue with some favorite films.

Suicide Is a Tragic Hollywood Story That Needs a New Ending

Many Los Angeles residents are in another at-risk category: creatives. Studies by the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics and Sweden’s Karolinska Institute showed that people working in the arts are 25 to 50 percent more likely to die by suicide. “We have written about the ways in which journalists ignore the role of contagion in their reporting and how that can be a source of further risk for those who are vulnerable,” Romer says. “Those in the creative community who are currently in a crisis moment may be especially vulnerable because of their greater ability to empathize and identify with the deaths of celebrities" such as Spade. So what do these trends and statistics mean? They mean we need to talk about suicide, especially in L.A.

The Matrix Theatre : The Mind-Opener On Melrose | Melrose Ave LA

In 1977, the lot across from the building about to house a theatre was just a dirt trucking company lot. At that time, Melrose Avenue was occupied by craftspeople and antique shops, but not resembling the vibrant scene it would soon offer. Consequently, property was affordable.  Joseph Stern, who was born just two blocks away, purchased 7657 to open an actor-focused theatre that would, nearly forty years later, be one of the longest-standing businesses on the Avenue.

Headline Records: D.I.Y. Depuis 1995 | Melrose Ave LA

For people that remember Melrose Avenue in the 1980s and 1990s, Headline Records is a capture of that time when mohawked punkers with spiked wristbands were the in-crowd. For those that don’t remember, the shop is easily the best place in Los Angeles to find punk, garage, ska, and hardcore music and gear. But everyone knows the French guy that is holding the torch for old-school music retail in his legendary Melrose Avenue record store.

House of Intuition Helps You Connect With Faith and Destiny | Melrose Ave LA

For Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo, meeting each other was the best thing about 2007…the rest of the year was really awful. They took huge losses in the market crash – day jobs, houses, cars, money, and hope were all gone. Bankruptcy loomed. Seeking any kind of solace or direction, the women went to a tarot reader. She didn’t mince words. “It’s gonna get worse before it gets better,” they recalled her saying.

Cool Cuts and Close Shaves – The Best Mangrooming Spots on Melrose | Melrose Ave LA

If we’re seeking any level of equality between the sexes, we have to just admit that men deserve, and quite enjoy, getting their groom on. It’s not just the clean cut or pro shave – it’s the pampering and community that is unique to barber shops and unisex salons. Rocker shag, natural curls, handlebar ‘stache, chin strip? No matter how you face the world, there’s a place on Melrose to make it the best it can be.
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